Better Call Saul – Mike Ehrmantraut Bobblehead

Mike Ehrmantraut, former Philadelphia Policeman turned parking lot attendant for the Albuquerque, NM courthouse, finds himself once again sliding down the slippery slope of crime in AMC’s hit television spin-off: Better Call Saul. Although determined to learn from his past mistakes, Mike is irrevocably drawn by his sense of justice and an unfortunate series of events to choose sides in a rival drug war with the Mexican Cartel. As events unfold, Mike finds it more difficult to maintain his own personal convictions while keeping his family, and more importantly, his granddaughter, Kaley safe. Forming a tentative partnership with lawyer Jimmy McGill, collaborating with Cartel leader Gustavo Fring and nursing a growing vendetta against Hector Salamanca, Mike finds himself drawn into a world of crime, and subterfuge.

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