Founded in 2009, Royal Bobbles has set the industry standard for producing premium quality and intricately detailed bobbleheads, collectibles, and figurines while garnering a reputation for a high level of detail and durability in every product. From exquisite historic figures, political icons and the leaders of entertainment spanning all genres, each bobblehead is created with a level of detail and design that is second to none. Royal Bobbles products are found globally and their reputation for high quality, thoughtfully detailed pieces, drives them to be a must-have with collectors. The quality and detail of Royal Bobbles products and packaging and their realistic and lifelike portrayals of some of the world’s greatest icons, makes them right at home in any environment: whether a desk, display case or even classroom!

Royal Bobbles sells through dealers, museums, gift shops, and online web stores. If you are a dealer or reseller and would like to sell our products, please fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you with our requirements, price list, and catalog.