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Sarah Palin Gains New Facebook Supporters and Bobblehead Collectors

Cumming, GA—September 14, 2009 – While Palin gains 800,000 Facebook fans, her “political novelty” extends beyond social networking to collectors of bobbleheads, as Royal Bobbles announces the release of a limited-edition Sarah Palin bobblehead.

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Michelle Obama Calls On Americans to Support Military Families

Cumming, GA—September 14, 2009 – As First Lady Michelle Obama launches a public service announcements asking the nation to assist military families in need, Americans are reminded that their First Lady has more to offer than her attention to style and toned arms. “America’s first African-American First Lady, Michelle Obama’s popularity is rising to a level that hasn’t been seen since the Kennedy years,”  notes Warren Royal, of Royal Bobbles with his release of a stunning likeness, limited-edition (2000 figures) bobblehead, commemorating Michelle Obama’s official White House Portrait.

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